SARAJEVO: Academy Award-winner Danis Tanović and Cannes FF laureate Aida Begić are currently in postproduction with Kotlina, a five-episode crime drama created by Tanović and Amra Bakšić Čamo, and produced by SCCA/ for BH Telecom and BH Content Lab.

The first two episodes of the series will be screened in the upcoming Sarajevo Film Festival’s Avant Premiere programme.

After a body of an unknown man is discovered in the garden of the National Museum in Sarajevo, chief inspector Edib Pašić and his young colleague Mido Zec are called upon to the crime scene. It seems to be one more insignificant case of no interest to the media, but a journalist from the Sloboda online magazine, Ajla Pašić, happens to be at the crime scene with a camera. On the same day, Edib’s war comrade Senči returns from prison. The disappearance of the corpse from the morgue and the hidden motives of the Museum’s employees lead Edib, Mido, Ajla and Senči into a web of corruption, pressure, personal failures, poverty, hopelessness and international crime.

The script was written by Amra Bakšić Čamo, Nikola Kuprešanin, Adnan Lugonić and Danis Tanović.

Feđa Štukan, Boris Ler, Ida Keškić and Mario Knezović are the lead actors.

Kotlina is produced by Amra Bakšić Čamo and Adis Đapo of SCCA/ together with Sedin Kahriman through BH Content Lab, BH Telecom’s 12,782,300 EUR / 25 m KM platform for production of high-quality television. This is the first TV series produced by BH Telecom.

Kotlina was shot in Sarajevo from December 2021 till February 2022.

The premiere of the series is planned for September 2022 on BH Telecom’s Moja TV.

All territories except for Bosnia and Herzegovina are currently available.

Five more series that will be produced through BH Content Lab are in different phases of production at the moment, of which sitcoms Na rubupameti by Elmir Jukić and Tender by Srđan Vuletić should be out soon.

Production Information:

Kotlina by Danis Tanović and Aida Begić, credit: BH Telecom

BH Telecom (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
BH Content Lab (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
SCCA/ (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Creators: Danis Tanović, Amra Bakšić Čamo
Directors: Danis Tanović, Aida Begić
Writers: Amra Bakšić Čamo, Nikola Kuprešanin, Adnan Lugonić, Danis Tanović
DOP:  Erol Zubčević
Production design: Sanda Popovac
Music: Taino
Costume: Irma Saje
Make up: Lamija Hadžihasanović Homorac
Cast: Feđa Štukan, Boris Ler, Ida Keškić, Mario Knezović, Vedrana Božinović, Izudin Bajrović, Admir Šehović, Alban Ukaj


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